Coffee selections to meet every taste or budget preference. A full menu of name-brand coffee and coffee room essentials. Brewing equipment, service, maintenance and repairs at no charge. Attentive and courteous service associate that establishes and maintains inventory levels, with reliable deliveries. Our customer-call-center ensures we can promptly respond to our customer's service needs.

• Folgers, Maxwell House, and Starbucks coffees
• Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Apple Cider, Lipton Tea, and Bigelow Tea
• Lipton Cup of Soup
• Pepsi Products, Coke Products, Sundrop, and Bottled Water
• Carnation Cream, Coffeemate Flavored Cream, Sugar, Sweet 'N Low, Equal, Stir Sticks, and Pot Cleaner
• Foam Cups, Paper Cups, Cone Cups, Cutlery Knives, Cutlery Forks, Cutlery Spoons, Plates, Paper Napkins, Paper Towels, and Toliet Paper
• Itemized invoices.

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